sexta-feira, 25 de fevereiro de 2011

Posers MotherFuckers

Well... I came here to say today when people (posers) are ridiculous to the point of 'like' a band singer by her just be nice ...
And this band is the Black Veil Brides .. this is the vocalist Andy Six .. posers these motherfuckers know neither the name of the band, or the meaning of the songs, nor the other members of q are also part of that band .. without the guitarist, bassist and drummer, the band would have no background .. if so follow the Andy solo .. plus it has a band with all the elements: Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Bass and Drummer ..
Drummer Some say it can not be classified as a musician .. more without him who would mark the time of the music? without him who would give a better rhythm to the music?
drummer in my opinion is as musical as vocals, guitar and bass .. true fans we have to value each member of the band, every gift he has every thing he can do with the instrument played ..
Before leaving judging makes the drums, guitar, bass and vocals all they can do after you've come to say something
Well folks here I leave a little of what I feel about posers who think they know something the band just because they like the singer of it.

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