quinta-feira, 3 de fevereiro de 2011

Andy Never seen you,I always loved you

Never seen you, Always loved you
Never seen you, I know your body
But I feel even if you're away
Not even looked me in the light of your eyes
And not tasted the taste of your mouth
But I want you even though you'll never

Not experienced your touch and even petted
But I feel your perfume in the air
Succumbed to your flirting even though you never find
Our love is only virtual, but not hurt
For the soul is more than body
And if you do not have at my side, the wind whisper to you my words of endearment
I also tell him that somebody loves you
The way he does best, with everything that is capable
And if you think about love and all that it brings happiness in my life, now this is not because I love nothing more.
Soul is more than body
And my soul still love her
Even if our bodies can not also to encounter
But there will be time for more soul than body
We will be only one soul, one heart and one mind

I love you Andy <3

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