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Andy Biersack #Twitpic

"Revisiting the site of my infamous rib breaking fall. Reflections on one of my least thought through moments hahahaha"


Christian Coma "CC" #Yfrog

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Black Veil Brides cover of Big Cheese magazine.

Nikki Sixx was the one who photographed. More information soon!


Set The World On Fire, the theme song of "Hell in a Cell '

Hell in a Cell is an event pay-per-view fight, and the song Set The World On Fire will be the official theme song.


CC singing Livin 'on a Prayer at Applebee's.

Interview with Bryan BVB Stars surpassed 100,000 views.

The 4 th interview with the BVB Stars Bryan did, surpassed 100,000 views on YouTube.


Photos of the recording of Rebel Love Song


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The Buzz On: Black Veil Brides

There's not a lot of websites out there for bands made up of five male members that have the words "Makeup Provided By MAC" at the bottom of them. But I guess when you're the Black Veil Brides and your main influences is Kiss, a corporate cosmetic sponsorship comes with the territory. Luckies!!
Believe it or not, most of the members of this post-hardcore fivesome are actually from Ohio. Founded in 2006, the Black Veil Brides somehow saw past the college hoodies and cornfields of the Midwest to set their sights on the bright lights of glam rock. After gaining steam on MySpace, the band signed with StandBy Records, only to later grab the attention of a Lava Records exec when the chief music producer at Hot Topic (yes, the store with the fishnet top your mom may or may not let you wear) clued him in on the huge record sales of the store's BVB t-shirts. The rest, as they say, is black lipstick history.
Black Veil Brides' debut single "Knives and Pens," released in 2009, currently clocks in at over 30 million YouTube views (!!!). That's almost 50 million! I think you get a pin for that! With the help of successful stints on the UK tour God Save The Scream and Vans Warped Tour in the U.S., BVB won Revolver Magazine's Golden Gods Award for Best New Artist, Kerrang! UK Rock Magazine's Best Newcomers, and were nominated for Kerrang! Best International Newcomer. The band's latest release, Set the World on Fire, peaked at No. 17 on the U.S. Billboard 200, and they recently appeared at this year's VMAs (above) in full effing regalia.
And their makeup is on point.
Black Veil Bride's latest, Set the World on Fire, is currently available on Lava Records.

Font : http://buzzworthy.mtv.com/2011/09/01/black-veil-brides-knives-and-pens/
Credit : Getty Images

Black Veil Brides Interview #4 Andy Biersack & Matt Good Warped Tour 2011

Black Veil Brides at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards

For people who can not see the Black Veil Brides at the VMAs here's the video =))