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Andy Six in Rock Sound Podcast.

The lead singer of Black Veil Brides, Andy Six is ​​the guest on this month's issue of Rock Sound Podcast.
In the podcast of the singer talks about growing up as an only child, life in school, becoming a model, tours and more .. he recalls the songs that marked his life so far. Your favorite songs of Social Distortion, Alkaline Trio, Rancid, Tiger Army, Cat Steven and more.!

"Hey it's Andy's Black Veil Brides, and you're listening to the podcast rock sound.I grew up in Cincinnati, OH USA, and thinking about my childhood is that I was an only child, and I really had no close friend hmm, or brothers and stuff. Thus, the music for me was a big part of my life. And my favorite bands of my father were punk and glam rock so I was introduced to bands like kiss and moutly crew and those kinds of bands. And that was what I listened to 5 years .. It was a way to sell things to me being a boy so young, and despite being my favorite bands.They were top 40 bands on the radio. I did not know what was the top forty. I did not know what was popular among other children, so I would tell other kids that my favorite band was Kiss, and they spoke: "Oh, the radio station Kiss?" This kind of thing, but then never ... Erm has always been about rock 'n' roll since I was very young. ... in my house there was always music playing.My idea was always to try to put my thoughts together and maybe have a great band glam rock or metal band, which could somehow have letters that can make people feel.My mother made some artistic makeup. Well when I was born, she was a makeup artist, and she helped me with my eyeliner. I always painted, drawings of cartoon characters. I always grew up loving a life greater then the painting came naturally to me because I've done it on my face since I was little.I would just stay at home with the clown makeup and trying new to make me look like a character. So I do not know why I did, I did not have any friends to play, so I dressed as Gean Simmons makeup and I just stayed in my house and watching television. Went to the mirror taking a picture and then eat a pizza in the living room. And then washed. and try to do something new the next day!.Since when was young, I was always a completely different boy. I think it was because of my involvement in wanting to be always acting like a child. And being a child myself I was not sure that other people might not want to see a performance. I was always doing for them whenever he could. It was beneficial because I never cared if people really paid attention, I just went there did what had to be done whenever I wanted, in talent shows and stuff. It was the punk-rock that really helped me, especially when I was novo.Quando I was a little older I went to art school, was the first time I found exceptions, around 13 years. I found this new love, that I wanted when I was novo.Eu was just a child using inappropriate shirt. I wanted to dress weird, go to art school and it was cool 13 year old children smoking. I could try to dress like my favorite bands. In this part of my life I just wanted to be when I was young.Then I left the Art School which was my favorite place in the world. I moved to LA, to be a model, and it was weird. I was a strange child for something attractive. And I started to have girlfriends and people wanted to talk to me. It was something incredibly crazy to me.I tried to come back they will not let me. So I went and got a traditional school, I was locked in closets, took punches to the face. I was miserable in another school. I was constantly attacked, and even the teachers did not like me for some reason. And it was not because I was a bad kid, I did not care about a lot of things from traditional schools.Personally, I try to stay away from meeting the great heroes that I had because nobody is as good as the person of the theater in your mind. you can make someone great in your mind. 25 minutes before I go on stage I'll smoke a cigarette ... Honestly, I really enjoy smoking, I know that smoking is harmful to health. I usually smoke a cigarette or pee ... and giving a last look at the makeup and hair. (...) "
Andy also talked about his monthly visits to his parents who still live in Ohio.

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Twitter of Andy Six and Jinxx about the earthquake in Japan

Jinxx : So sorry to say that our show tonight with Muderdolls is canceled, but everyone in Japan needs to be with their loved ones and stay safe <3

Andy Six : Japan altought we are leaving your coutry tomorrow... I promise our hearts with you always

As some people say or have said that the BVB does not care about the fans, here it is a proof that these people were lying, yes, BVB cares about the fans ...

Sammi Doll reply me on Twitter

OMG Sammi Doll gave me the reply on twitter *--*, but it was just a 'hello' but I was so happy to read, just to know that she answered it already goes through a lot <33. Thanks Sammi <33

Sandra Alva Reply Me On Twitter

Yes, Sandra Alva answered me on Twitter .. haha I almost died when I read

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Brock, Amy, Andy

Thank you for all your support for me and all fans of BVB ..
This support is significant and important to everyone = D

I'm not saying that the other boys are not important .. it is because I have not talked to them .. but with Amy Brock and Andy .. so this post is to thank them all the support they give to fans .. and me)