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Christian Coma (CC) Biography

Christian Coma was born April 21 between 1984 or ‘85 in Los Angeles, California. Though he likes to say "I am an old man". Seriously? 25 is not old Christian! His favorite color is green, so if you decide to make him something with color, you know he will love the green! Christian’s favorite drink is Wild Cherry Pepsi, which is the bomb! During Christian’s free time he likes to hang out at the beach, spend time with his friends, and watch his favorite shows such as, Family Guy, Entourage, Curb Your Enthusiasm and more! He has been playing drums for quite a while at a whopping 17 years! Christian started out as a jazz drummer making him a classically trained musician! His greatest musical influences have been Pendulum, Deadmau5, As I Lay Dying, In Flames, and Rise Against. He will listen to pretty much anything making some of his genre influence jazz, metal, trance, electronica, rap, and more. Over the years he has been in various bands since he was in middle school, "at least 12", he has said. Now in 2010 we welcome CC as the new drummer for Black Veil Brides! He actually has known them for awhile and even played with them a couple of times making this journey come pretty easy for him. Him and Sandra have even became good friends now as we have all come to see. So far he has been so happy to meet all of his fans saying "the response from the fans has been unreal!" Christian can not wait to meet the rest of you, so don’t be shy, say hi, and you might get yourself a hug or more!

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  1. Name: Christian "CC/Christain Coma" Mora
    Born: April 21, 1985-27 yrs old
    Favorite Color: Green
    Favorite Soft Drink Beverage: Cherry Pepsi
    Quote he wishes that would happen to him: Forget the drums bang the drummer

  2. I just love CC. I'm making a fanfiction of him ^_^

  3. Ha we have alot in common lmao fav color green except im exactly a month older same day same yr lmao..except my fav drinks are wild cherry pep and dr pepper lmao

  4. I met him after they played in Nottingham yesterday and me made out yay !!!

  5. Does CC have siblings I need to know for a fan fic I'm writing

  6. I'd love to meet him, and get to know him and have a cuddle. I'm 9-10 years older than him with a BVB loving teen son, but hey age isn't everything.