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domingo, 20 de fevereiro de 2011

Sometimes I have to Understand yourself how being so far away from me makes me feel so good and sure of myself, I always wonder if one day I really will go to a show yours to know you personally .. and every day this response is coming closer and closer .. I'm finding reasons to that question I will make sure that you will come.
With you I learned many things and every day I learn something new .. I have learned that we can not give up our dreams, I learned that no matter who you be, what's your style, or that people will think about you .. just be you.
Though you're so far away from me I feel as if you were here beside me, guiding my path, telling me what to do, I feel attached, only hear your voice calling out my name, my thoughts fly to meet her, my heart beats faster every time I hear his voice, see you
I wonder what my reaction will be to find you.
I can only say I love you <3

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