sábado, 26 de fevereiro de 2011

Jake,Jinxx,Ash,CC... This post is for you guys

>> Ashley Purdy

>> Jake Pitts

>> Jinxx

>> Christian Coma (CC)

Some people say they like a band just the singer and her .. is not quite so that other members such as Drummer, Guitarist (Lead guitar and base guitar), bassist ... without them on a career as a band would just solo career
Band means to me .. and all together, is not formed only by a single person .. joint is formed by several people ... and these people I'm referring to is Jake Pitts, Christian Coma, Jinxx and Ashley Purdy.

Jake Pitts: Lead Guitar
: Guitar Base \ Violinist
Ashley Pudy: Bassist
Chrisian Coma (CC): Drummer

Boys, the band also is without you ... you guys the band could not be called a 'band'
Thank you for being part of the Black Veil Brides ... and make the band is increasingly Perfect

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  1. I love Ashley Purdy he is my favorit ! but I really like everybody in ths band, they are all really cute and good :)