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terça-feira, 26 de abril de 2011

Black Veil Brides..Best Band in The World

When I first knew BVB, they were only "young kids".
It was when they were just Sandra and Chris Hollywood...with only 2 albums (Sex & Hollywood and We Stitch These Wounds) and a single CD. They are the most perfect CD I own.
I haven't known the band for many years, just a few months,but it's time enough to say that they are THE BEST BAND i have ever heard.
What I feel for these boys, Andy,Ashley,Jake, Jinxx and CC is lots of love, it became a passion!

BVB are growing more and more, each time,making appearances on magazines,being nominated to win awards and they worked on the songs for the film SCREAM 4 too.
The NEW ALBUM, "Set the World on Fire" will surprise and amaze everyone, with their best songs.
I hear some of it...........it's amazing how Andy's voice has changed, from a few months back, to now, singing "Knives and Pens".........he sounds so grown up, with a proper man's voice.

Some people that will read my blog could take me as a "poser" or even "a bit silly" but i identify myself with Andy and love him for all that he is.
I am fascinated by his personal story,all he went through in his life,his achievements and conquers,the good and bad things, and mainly his wonderful parents, Amy and Brock, that always believed in him and his band and gave their total support and love that Andy deserved.

I can't really say about the other members of BVB because I do not know their stories as I know Andy's.

Andy said that before he put SIX after Andy to escape from people and facts from his past but now, with so many good things happening, he's decided to show the world who he really is and now signs his real name: ANDY BIERSACK, this good hearted,wonderful,good character that he has always been.

I wish he could one day,maybe, read my blog.......
A girl can dream....

Andy, if one day you ever get to read it.......make sure you know that no mater if it's Andy Six or not......for me you'll always be my

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