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Black Veil Brides Safe in Japan

News of an 8.9 earthquake followed by a 30-foot-high tsunami in Japan today had fans of the Black Veil Brides all over the world scrambling to find out if the band members, currently touring Tokyo, were safe. The band’s manager did get an e-mail through to families of band members that they were all together in the venue where they were meant to play today when the earthquake hit.
The band’s lead vocalist, Andy Six, is originally from the west side Cincinnati suburb of Delhi, and he was also able to post a short Facebook update to let friends and fans know that the earthquake was "the most terrifying experience of my life," but that they were all well. Six was able to contact family members to tell them they had made it back to their hotel, though they are unsure of what they will do next because transportation systems are closed throughout the country.
The Black Veil Brides had been scheduled to play Astro Hall in the Harajuku district of Tokyo tonight, with a final show on Saturday, March 12, at the Liquid Room in the Ebisu district. Band members were in the middle of a sound check at Astro Hall when the earthquake hit. They were evacuated from the building, but their manager reported that there was not much structural damage in the part of the city they are in.
Trains are not running and airports were closed because of the risk of aftershocks, although there are reports that some flights are leaving Narita Airport now. The Black Veil Brides and their tour manager are currently working on making arrangements to return home to Los Angeles, where there are also tsunami warnings posted today.
Everbody hopes you can return safely home.

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