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domingo, 5 de junho de 2011


Andy: For some reason, I decided to hang on the - like the scaffolding on the top of the uh, on the roof of the building. And, what I didn’t realize, is that the kids could also climb a little bit. And over the course of the like, the next thirty seconds my pants were taken off.. And, uh as well as my boots and my boxers were removed. Um, and uh and then I had to swing back like uh, like a.. like a monkey back on stage. And my uh, tour manager standing over there, John, had to take naked Andy back. And you know, unfortunately the audience got a shot of my butt. Which was, you know, it’s not.. whatever. It was there. And uh, yeah. That was kinda embarrassing. Um.. mainly because of the butt.

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