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domingo, 19 de junho de 2011

Andy goes to hospital again, but this time in a serious condition!

Today 06/18/11  Andy Biersack, injures self after a seemingly unintelligent jump. . 
He got back up afterwards, took it like a man, resumed singing after injury, blood dripping down his lip, and stated to crowd that he thinks he has a few broken ribs but even though he's in a lot of pain, his fans make it feel better. :)

Most people would be sad to see Andy get hurt, but it shouldn't be entirely ignored or disliked due to the fact that he gets back up and pulls through with his performances, which is all in all something worth liking, not disliking. 
(He still played 3 more songs after this)

Andy, we're all hoping for improvement, we know you love your fans, the more the next time do not do crazy things that can get you in serious condition

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