terça-feira, 23 de agosto de 2011

BVB team Project for January in Brazil...

"I know this early, very early. These days but I was talking with some friends, and good, she said, and several other people have told me, and I get it too .. that tags the army never come to TT's, but I was thinking, could do a force to enter a show on the BVB in January eh?
We could put WelcomeToBrazilBVB *-*
I commented to some people, and they liked the idea, I know that early, but I came to tell the more people see better. Just do not forget, you know. rs
And then? What do you think?"

BVB ARMY we need all your help fot this... Let's show to BVB what BVB ARMY is BIG and LOVE THEM...LET'S DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Any questions contact : http//twitter.com/valverdeamandaa

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