sábado, 29 de janeiro de 2011

Love of Fan

As you are loved. I am content to share that love with another crowd of hearts that beat stronger because of you. It's like my greatest truths to be found in your way. Every gesture, expression or mania makes me feel closer to you. There is no distance that diminishes the sentiment. A feeling constantly fed with their steps and expressions.

Your poster prints my walls. More than that, your image illustrates and gives wings to my imagination. Oh if I could start of each interview that tells me all about you! In his absence I am looking for ways to find you. My effort and admiration I approach you. It's as if you were here, I understand. Dreams allow me to fly higher and get closer. My voice cries out his verses. My way of dressing goes reflecting você.Pudera I can make you notice me in the middle looks madly in love.

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